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Dolphin Encounter pioneered dolphin swimming in Kaikoura New Zealand in 1989/90 and have developed the tours for those wishing to enhance their understanding of dolphins in their natural environment. It is a truly unique experience! Our tours have two options, watching (viewing) or swimming, both these options occur on the same boats.


The opportunity to go out and watch the dusky dolphins from our boats gives visitors wonderful views of these spectacular and acrobatic dolphins. As well as this, there is the opportunity to witness any interaction between the dolphins and swimmers, who are also on the same boat.

 Plenty of dolphins on a spectatcular day  © Dolphin Encounter
Dolphin Watching
© Dolphin Encounter

Plenty of dolphins on a spectatcular day








The dusky dolphins inhabit the coastal waters off Kaikoura all year round, making Kaikoura a unique place in the world where wild dolphins can be encountered every day, weather permitting. It is this fact that sets our operation apart and our success rate of swimming with dolphins is second to none.

 Dusky dolphin swimming in Kaikoura   © Dolphin Encounter
Dolphin Swimming
© Dolphin Encounter

Dusky dolphin swimming in Kaikoura