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Swim with Wild Dolphins

In their natural environment.

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swimming with wild dolphins up close and personal

Imagine being eye to eye with a dusky dolphin! 

It is something incredibly special that these wild animals choose to stop and engage 1:1 with swimmers in the water.  Dusky dolphins are probably the most interactive dolphin species; we don’t know why, and this sense of mystery makes the engagement with them all the more extraordinary!

Often described as a life-changing experience; snorkeling with the pod will leave you with lasting magical memories.

This bucket list activity is very sought after, often selling out during the summer months so we recommend advance booking to avoid disappointment.

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Our guide on how to interact with wild Dusky Dolphins

The Dolphin Encounter tour is focused on respecting the dolphins in their natural environment. While the dolphins will come very close to you we ask that you respect them and do not try and touch them. If you reach out to touch them this will cause the dolphins to move away and may cause them harm. The best idea is to swim with your arms at your side and let them come to you. The dolphins are curious and we encourage swimmers in the water to make some noises, for example, singing a favourite song or making a dolphin like noise through your snorkel can attract the dolphins close to you.

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Dolphin Encounter Swim



15 years and upwards



8 years to 14 years inclusive

Dolphin Encounter Watch



15 years and upwards



5 years to 14 years inclusive

* (Please note this pricing is valid to 30 September 2024)

Oct & early Nov Dolphin Encounter Tours are scheduled daily at 8.30am.

Mid Nov-Apr Dolphin Encounter Tours are scheduled daily at 5.30am, 8.30am and 12.30pm.

In May Dolphin Encounter Tours are scheduled daily at 8.30am and 12.30pm.

In winter (June-Sept) tours are scheduled once daily at 10.00am.

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